Bend Cryo and Recovery

Bend Cryo and Recovery


Woman in cryo chamber

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy provides an alternative wellness treatment for a wide variety of individuals. By using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness, everyone from athletes and fitness enthusiasts to chronic pain sufferers and the average, everyday person can benefit from cryotherapy. The treatment begins when the CryoUSA Cryotherapy machine fills with nitrogen vapor and a dry chill drops the ambient temperature.

According to a 2016 industry survey with over 300 respondents, cryotherapy users have reported that whole body cryotherapy gives them a multitude of benefits including pain relief, muscle recovery, weight loss, and mental clarity.

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Reduce inflammation and the pain that goes with it. Your muscles will thank you after long runs or strenuous workouts when lactic acid is stripped away.


Recover faster, feel better and get back to living your life free from pain, muscle fatigue and chronic injury.


Super cooling with an added endorphin rush to get you through the day. Many clients say they experience improved sleep after a cryo session.